Single Call Center


Serviciul Vamal al Republicii Moldova este accesibil pentru informațiile de care aveți nevoie 24/24, din orice colț al lumii.

The Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova can now be reached 24/24, from any corner of the world, to give you the information you need.


If you want to clarify any issue or to ask a question about customs legislation, customs procedures and customs-approved treatments, declaration of goods, their classification and origin, permits, rules for moving goods and vehicles across the border or if you want to report possible abuses or acts of corruption committed by the staff of the Customs Service, please call the operators of the Single Call Center of the Customs Service at: +373 22 78 8888.

The Single Call Center of the Customs Service is a national information tool for economic operators engaged in international trade, for authorities, individuals, as well as for other stakeholders, allowing them to receive reliable information from the first source.

After dialling the number +373 22 78 8888, the caller can select one of the two specialized lines:

  • Key 1 – Anticorruption line (telephone line receiving information on acts of corruption and other abuses committed by customs officials).
  • Key 2 – Information line (telephone line receiving and responding to requests for information on customs activity). 

Calls are taken 24 hours a day. 

Also, if you have any question regarding the customs activities, you can contact the operators of the Single Call Center in real time and using a chat interface available on the website of the Customs Service or at: callcenter@customs.gov.md.

General information on how to bring goods in or take them out of the Republic of Moldova, the ceiling for duty-free imports, customs procedures, simplified procedures, etc. can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Requests concerning the grounds for a decision of customs officials or customs authority or complaints against the decisions of an official or a customs authority should be submitted in the form of a petition.