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Integrated Customs Information System

The objectives for the development of information technologies for customs related activity are set forth in:

The main objectives of the Integrated Customs Information System are as follows:

•    to ensure the use of modern technologies in the activity of Customs in order to improve the customs processing procedures and increase the customs control efficiency;

•    to ensure the efficient use of all the existent system resources (hardware, software, communication devices, specialized technical staff, etc.) at the optimal level;

•    to ensure the quality growth of the control and monitoring operations of all types (before, during or after the customs clearance), by providing the necessary consolidated data to the customs inspector and offering the most useful information in an optimal and conclusive manner;

•    to ensure the availability of the elements for customs clearance and control operations assessment in order to efficiently and promptly outline the weaknesses in the flow of customs documentation processing;

•    to improve the exchange of information with external structures, including from abroad, the development of collaboration relations with these structures in the field of information technologies;

•    to provide a single information security system for the Moldova Customs 



The Integrated Customs Information System of the Republic of Moldova is based on the ASYCUDA World Information System (ASYCUDA: Automated SYstem for CUstoms DAta) , which represents the program products elaborated by the UN Conference for Trade and Development in order to support reforms in Customs, as well as in order to support trade facilitation and customs control.

Order no.301-o, of Sept. 30, 2011 on approving the Strategy for the development of the Integrated Customs Information System for the years 2012 -2016, Information Security Policy of the Customs Service as well as the Regulation on Information Security

Basic architecture of the Integrated Customs Information System